Unleash Your Valorant Potential: A Player’s Guide to Climbing Ranks

Your mechanics, gamesense and your mentality will be the three key aspects that you will need to develop and improve if you want to climb the ranks in Valorant. In addition to that, check here you should put your ego aside and not think so much that you have a higher level of elo than you have and demonstrate it on the server.

In addition to having a good time and enjoying the game, the goal of many users is to climb the maximum ranks of Valorant and try to reach Radiant. This task is quite difficult, since the average elo of the players is in Silver and many remain stuck in these elos, either because they play for a short time or because they cannot be consistent in Riot’s tactical shooter.

There are some Valorant users who have achieved the feat of rising to the important ranks of the game in a short time, but what is their secret? We break down the keys to its success and how you can apply it to your daily life in Valorant to try to climb the elo and get out of Silver and Gold, which are ranks in which there are several smurf accounts and the occasional troll.

The Three Musketeers: Mindset, Mechanics and Gamesense

1. Mindset: Focus is key

The first and best advice we give you is to leave your ego aside and move to the side of humility. Try to recognize your mistakes in the game and see where you can improve. That is very important in your goal to raise your elo, since many grassroots players think they have everything they need to be at the top, although sometimes that is not the case.

In this mental section, it is also key to know how to control the pressure when clutching and try to evade or maintain concentration in moments when tilt can be your worst enemy or you are having a bad game and your allies are not helping with theirs either. comments. In short, it is focusing on what your weak points are and how you should improve them to level up.

2. Mechanics: Not Just Aim

Your aim is a crucial part in Valorant, but not the only one through which you can improve mechanics. To have a better aim, what we always recommend is that you do a warm-up, whether at the shooting range, in external applications or in Death Match, where you can have a live fire situation against enemies and practice with various weapons. In them you can also improve your weaknesses and enhance your strengths.

Furthermore, on a mechanical level, you have to keep in mind how to use your agent skills correctly or know how to move well in those situations in which you are going to have a crossfire in a few seconds. Knowing how to handle the strafe well will be key to the future of your rankeds and with which you will be able to kill more opponents if you know how to apply it perfectly.

3. Gamesense: Mind Games with a Purpose

Gamesense is key to solving many rounds. In it, you have to use your intelligence to your advantage and try to predict what your rival will do. With this, you will make movements or rotations that they do not expect, and with which you will add, drop and drop or provide key information to your team and in the end these will become favorable rounds for you and your team.

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